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Sachi. M

Sachi Montgomery was born in 1988 June 1st. She was born and raised in Tokyo and is half Japanese, half American. She was raised bilingual as she went to an international school in Tokyo. Sachi graduated high school from the American School in Japan and proceeded on to Boston University to pursue her education. Sachi has always loved singing. She picked up singing in her early teens and has been performing solos and lives ever since. She has always kept her passion for singing throughout her school years.

Throughout university, Sachi continued to sing solo and in groups. She began to write her own songs during these years. She had discovered her songwriting talents and began to do open mic gigs to perform her originals and covers. Her music style is indie pop mainly, but she also enjoys singing jazz occasionally. She likes to perform acoustic gigs with only a few acoustic instruments to create a nice organic sound. She has also sung in rock bands, a cappella groups, and vocal jazz ensembles to be a part of singing groups and to work on her harmonies. She has performed in local live houses, bars and cafes. She has recently expanded her interest into electronic music and has been working with several different EDM and house music producers and track makers to write melodies and lyrics over their tracks. She continues to perform at various venues and is involving herself more into songwriting and collaboration projects with various DJs and producers around Tokyo, Los Angeles and the UK.

Takuya Kusajima (Interselector)


About Takuya Kusajima (Interselector).

began his career DJing at clubs in Tokyo in 1990. Upon his return from New York in 1992, he began playing at the then "in spot" for house music at Shibaura GOLD at their regular party "CHESE," which he started with DJ NORI. Also, at GOLD 2nd Room he became a resident DJ when Reggae, Hip Hop, and Soul were being popularly mixed into an "all genre" playlist. With an original take on the world, song choices, and distinguished techniques, he left a strong impression on those who came to Shibaura GOLD, where he DJed until its closing in 1996. After that, he got more into the club scene within Tokyo at venues such as Shibuya CAVE, club asia, Roppongi velfarre, Aoyama LOOP. He had the experience to be a resident DJ at the nationwide known ageHa@STUDIO COAST, which opened in 2002. Interselector adds elements of Latin, Afro, Tribal, Jazz, and Sould to House to make a mad and deep "party rock" DJ style, which has been greatly thriving. In the realm of producing, he's taken part in GTS' "THAT LADY" remix and Stylus' "Night Birds Re:Edit." The fact that this Stylus project's analog sold out was a huge achievement and record within the analog music industry. In October of 2006, the track "The Piano Live" from his solo project release "moshi moshi EP" was put on heavy play by Daishi Dance and shops around Shibuya had it as a top priority order, reflecting how big a hit it was.Also this song compilated with DJ Kenji Hasegawa "Love Generation 3". "house nation"(avex).Nasu Kisaku collects it to compilation CD "PIANO NEWROSIS".It accomplishes the Top 10 entering in iTunes Store.
In November, 2007, "moshi moshi EP 2" that collects "Organ Catchar" released by this name that it is remarkable from a crossover and club Jazz DJ and also records good sales. Then, "moshi moshi EP 3" that collects masterpiece "Caribbean Stardust " including approaches jazz and Latin taste is released in September, 2008.

Tetsuya Maejima =MAEJI is a house music creator and house DJ.

Den Tracks CEO. 




I started my dj career since 1998  as House Music dj. I love good house music, good house people. I think music is like a universal languege . I want to put out my musics.

Thank you !!


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